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Flawless Ejuice 12 Pack Bundle

$195.00 $300.00

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Product Description

The best of Flawless.  You get 12 (60ml) bottles of our top shelf eliquids.  Here is your chance to try all the best of the best at a generous price.

Aftermath Eliquid

Aftermath Blueberry Vanilla Bean Glazed Donut Eliquid  is creamy glazed donut Eliquid filled with juicy blueberry bits. Aftermath Ejuice is served with a side of vanilla bean ice cream eliquid  topped with a touch of crunch berries Ejuice.

Luscious Banana Eliquid

Freshly sliced Banana's with a splash of Milk topped off with Sugar Cookie crumbles.


Watermelon slices with taffy candy and bubble gum eliquid.

Can't Stop Eliquid

A mouth watering flavor explosion of freshly picked apples turned to warm fresh apple cider to vape and enjoy!  This apple cider eliquid will satisfy your taste buds and cravings and boost you into vaping haven.

Flawless As F*ck Black Label

Flawless As F*ck E liquid is a premium American Made E juice made with only the finest U.S.P. Grade Ingredients. Flawless As F*ck E-liquid is a Dessert Flavored E liquid that is sure to satisfy your cravings and boost your taste buds into vaping heaven. Wholesale Vape Juices supplies large bottles to keep you supplied with all your finest and favorite e juices.

Hot Mess Eliquid

Fresh baked Churro with Vanilla bean ice cream.

We Aint Done Eliquid

Strawberry infused Chimichanga Eliquid sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar topped with a side of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Won't Stop Eliquid

Strawberry Rock Candy Eliquid Explosion in your Vape!

Flawless As F*ck White Label

Indulge in Flawless As F*ck Black Label with a hint of Mint.



Boardwalk by WE Out Here Doe is an AMAZING MIX OF BUBBLEGUM Eliquid AND ICECREAM Ejuice.  This bubblegum ice cream eliquid will satisfy your taste buds into vaping heaven.

We Out Here Doe Big Top Eliquid

Juicy sweet Watermelon inhale followed by subtle sour Raspberry candy exhale.  The watermelon eliquid mixed with sour raspberry candy is sure to satisfy your tastebuds into vaping heaven.

Marshmallow Man 2 Eliquid

Toasted marshmallows without burning your fingers or searching the woods for sticks to hold over the fire. The bold flavor of marshmallow that drives both you and those around you crazy with want. Perfection just found a way to get even better, welcome to Marshmallow Man 2.

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